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Credit Facilities

Employee Privileges Loan (EPL)

EPL enables employees to source for unsecured loan facilities from us. Employees applying this facility need not have an account with uniBank. No guarantee is required for this facility. All uniBank requires is an undertaking from ones' employers to deduct repayments at source on monthly basis and pay to uniBank.

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It is granted to customers whose businesses involve regular generation, lodgement and withdrawal of funds on daily or weekly basis. Specifically it is used to support working capital, i.e. for purchase of merchandise for sale, purchase of raw materials or intermediate inputs for further processing, payment of other operating expenses such as salaries and wages, utilities etc.

Business Loans

These are granted to customers whose businesses do not involve generation and lodgement of funds on daily to weekly basis. It can be used for the purchase of fixed assets such as plant and machinery, buildings, vehicles, payment for goods, payment of customs duties etc.

uniChurch Loan

The uniBank Place-Of- Worship Loan Scheme
Traditional sources of raising funds for Church project is slow and getting more uncertain. But Church projects must go on even now, more than below ever before. And they must not take forever to finish! Hence uniChurch Credit!

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SME Loans

It is basically a facility for small and medium enterprises that need funding to replenish stocks, payment of customs duties, supply goods in normal course of business preferably against local purchase order (LPO).

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Trade Finance

Import loan are granted for the importation of goods under our normal business loan facility. For customers who may not have any asset to offer as security, warehousing management arrangement can be made. Under this arrangement the goods will be under the dual control of our customer and a warehousing management company appointed by the bank. As and when specific payments are made towards the repayment of the loan, the goods are released on pro-rata basis until loan is repaid or the whole consignment is exhausted.

Letters of Credit

Letters of credit facilities are granted for the importation of goods either Sight L/C or Deferred L/C. Pre-shipment facility is available for customers in the export sector. The facility is granted preferably against a letter of credit.


Bid Bond - To support clients tender / bid for various contracts.

Performance Bond - provided as security for compliance with our customers' performance obligations in accordance with contracts that are awarded to them. Advance Payment Guarantee - To cover mobilization loans received for the execution of contracts.

uniCar Loan

In our desire to serve you better, uniBank has once again designed a facility to make your dream of car ownership a reality. We have a car ownership facility, uniCar Loan by which you can purchase a car of your choice and we finance the payment.

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